Sunday, September 21, 2008

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things . . . For Halloween!

I've been out and about looking for cute things to cover in vinyl since I started with Uppercase Living, and everything in the stores right now is for Halloween. It has totally gotten me in the mood for Fall and everything Halloween related. The Fall has always been my favorite time of year (along with Christmas). My mom always decorated our house so cute for Halloween each year and she usually made our costumes by hand. I'm sure her creativity and the fun atmosphere she provided for Halloween is a big reason that I look forward to it each year.
My oldest daughter will be three years old on October 30th, (the day before Halloween!), and this year I really want it to be fun for her. She's already looking forward to her birthday and now she's looking forward to Halloween too since I've been dragging her and her little sis to most of the stores with me. I want to make it lots of fun for her, so I'm excited to get our Halloween decor up in the next week or so, so she has some time to enjoy it.
Enough of my ramblings! Here are a few of my favorite things for Halloween this year:
My Hocus Pocus tray. I of course got the vinyl through Uppercase Living, and I found the tray at Home Goods. I love that store and they had lots of great things in their kitchen department . . . perfect for sticking vinyl on!

I love Julie's Halloween Treat Jar. So simple and cute and it would make a great little gift. She filled it with orange slices and used Stampin' Up! Rub Ons to decorate the jar.

I first saw these adorable Martha Stewart vintage theme Halloween decorations at Michael's and then I saw them on Craft Pad again and decided that I had to have them. I bought the Vintage Trick-or-Treat Garland yesterday. It's so cute!!!

These Vintage Honeycomb Decorations remind me of a couple of Halloween decorations my mom had when we were growing up. I'm going back for those just as soon as I spot a 40% off coupon for Michael's. (I'm a frugal kinda gal).

I saw these Boo-nilla Shakes on Martha's web site too and I think they're awesome. I don't really see myself painting the inside of the glasses with chocolate as described in the recipe, so I'll probably make them and improvise somehow.

I've been looking around on Martha Stewart's site a lot lately and she has tons of cute ideas (of course!). I signed up for her "Craft of the Day" and "Halloween Idea of the Day" as well as her "Halloween Workshop." I get emails every day with great ideas and I check out the ones I like and delete the ones I'm not too interested in. Love it! Click
here and look at the "Daily Inspiration" section to sign up.

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