Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple Mom

There are a few blogs that I try to read every day, but Simple Mom is one that I have to check in with on a daily basis because it is so awesome! I lover her ideas for organizing the home and I'm even putting together a home management notebook using several of her ideas in her Home Management Notebook series. Hopefully it will help me stay a little better organized and more on top of all of the things I tend to put off doing . . . like cleaning my floors! Tsh is even nominated for a 2009 Bloggie for her work on Simple Mom. Click here to check out the information and vote for her.
Another great thing that Tsh does is Giveaways! Who doesn't like those, right? This week is her Week Of Giveaways! You can click here, here, or here to see what she's offered so far, but be sure to stay tuned because I'm sure there will be lots more great stuff to come!
I hope you'll take a minute to stop in at Simple Mom to check it out, it really is awesome and I'm so glad that Tsh takes the time to share all of her great tips, tricks and ideas with us!
Here's another great giveaway too! Click here to check it out!

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