Friday, September 14, 2012

An Inexpensive Way to Store Mass Amounts of Frosting

I have been working on some pretty big baking projects lately and I have needed to make a lot of frosting ahead of time in several cases.  I needed something big to store lots of frosting in, but I didn't want to pay for a large storage container, like this one from amazon:
Then it occurred to me, that I had a few of the large ice cream containers saved from past birthday parties.  I use these to store other bulk foods that I use often, such as rice, etc., and they hold 5 quarts.  Why hadn't I thought of this before? 
I made 4 recipes of my favorite vanilla almond buttercream frosting yesterday and all of it fit into this container with no problem at all.  In fact, I'm sure I could have fit another whole recipe's worth in there.  Altogether I had a little more than 6 pounds of frosting in there.  That's a lot of buttercream!  I'm glad that I found a simple and frugal solution for storing mass amounts of frosting.
I'll be posting pictures of a few of my recent baking adventures in the coming week.  They include my very first cupcake tower for my very first wedding and a cake shaped like a wolf.  Good times!  I love that I have had opportunities to try new things lately.  Baking makes me happy...

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