Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Favorite Things: Craftsy Web Site

I stumbled upon a great site a few weeks ago and I thought that I should definitely share this with all of my fellow baking and craft loving friends. It is Craftsy.  This site offers online classes, workshops with great designers, sewing/crocheting,etc. patterns, and even a shop with beautiful fabrics and yarn. 
The best part?  They also offer several free mini-courses, such as: Sewing Machine 911, Creative Quilt Backs, and the class that led me to them - Modern Buttercream!  They have a whole section of online classes dedicated to cake decorating.  I die! 
Cake decorating classes that I can take in the comfort of my own home and fit into my busy schedule whenever I want to?  Sign me up!  I'm excited to check out a couple of their other freebies that interest me too.  I really love this idea!  I also love that you can access any class that you have already signed up for or paid for anytime in the future by logging into your account.  I typically like to reference things over and over again.  You can also post questions in the class forum and other students, or the instructor, will answer them for you.

This is just a screen shot of a couple of their cake decorating classes, they offer others too.  So far, I have only watched the free Modern Buttercream class, but I was really impressed with how well done it was.  It is taught by Joshua John Russel who has been featured on several of Food Network's challenges and who makes really exquisite cakes.  Here is another screen shot that shows what you will learn in this class:

I have not tried his buttercream recipe that he uses in the class because I like my simple buttercream that doesn't require me to boil anything on the stove during this HOT summer we're having.  I am hoping to try it out in the near future though! 

The class is a really great beginning class that covers a lot of the basics in cake decorating.  If you have ever wanted to try cake decorating at all, I would highly recommend this course.  I would love to check out his Modern Piping class too, along with pretty much all of their cake decorating classes.  Who says you can have too much of a good thing?

I hope you have fun checking out Craftsy and that it inspires you to make something amazing.

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