Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obsess much???

I dove into my cupboard this morning looking for a particular set of cupcake liners that I needed, but just couldn't seem to find.  My current method of storing them just didn't seem to be working out! I decided it was time to pull all of them out of that cupboard and see just what I have on hand.

Turns out that I have more cupcake liners than I thought.  The pretty glass jar that I was storing them in was overflowing and there were a couple of packs of liners that had even fallen behind it.  Ugh! I needed to remedy this situation. 

I've been cleaning things out lately and I finally threw out all of the old bibs that lived in a small drawer in the hutch by our dining room table.  After all, my youngest hasn't worn a bib in at least a year.  I think it was time.  Lucky me, all of my cupcake liners fit in there perfectly!  Is it strange that something so simple makes me so happy?  Wait, don't answer that.  I just love seeing all of my pretty little cupcake liners all nestled in there.  All of the holiday liners are on the left, fun designs are next to them and solid colors are on the right.  Hmmm.  At what point does buying cute cupcake liners become an obsession?  Never mind, don't answer that one either.  In this case, my ignorance is bliss.

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