Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sheet Cakes!

My little business has been picking up speed lately!  I am so happy, and extremely grateful!  That is part of the reason that I have been slacking on my blog though.  Well, that, and being a wife, mother to three energetic little girls, room parent, sort of an assistant Girl Scout troop leader, etc., etc.  So, I at least wanted to post a few pictures of projects that I have completed over the last couple of months. 
I have had several people order sheet cakes from me lately, so here are a few of them.  I am becoming more comfortable with making them as I get more practice in.  They can be tricky since there is SO MUCH space to decorate on top.
I was having a hard time coming up with what to put on top of this LDS baptism sheet cake that I made.  The woman who ordered it wanted it to be white on white, and it was for her son, Li'amanaia.  I obviously couldn't cover the thing in flowers for her handsome little man, so I decided to go with subway art themed decorations.  I was happy with how it turned out and they loved the cake!  I couldn't ask for more.
I had another woman order an orange sheet cake with white polka dots for a baby shower that she was hosting.  The theme was safari animals and they were decorating in orange and white. 
She also ordered cupcakes to go along with the sheet cake and I loved how Fall-ish they came out. Even though they worked for her orange and white polka dot themed party, I took pictures of them with some of my Fall decor, because I LOVED THE colors.
Last but not least, I made a 50th birthday cake for another order last week.  They really wanted me to write on the top, and even though I am still a little insecure about my writing skills I agreed to do it.  The writing came out better than I thought it would and I was so glad! 
I think I am finally becoming more comfortable with writing on cakes. Maybe one day I will be super good at it and super speedy like the ladies who write on cakes at the grocery store. That would be awesome. 
Thank you for stopping by! 

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Donna said...

They look great Bethany!